Dealing with Sake -- Japanese Rice Wine

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Dealing with Sake -- Japanese Rice Wine

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If there is a person who read, I think here of this long blog (The person in question did not think that it became long so much either) you understood why for me to see HP and the blog related to sake on the net and to say "Soliloquy" a little. I was permitted the existence, and "World of sake" that saw me by my eyes and had experienced was different from the one talked about on the net. Of course, it is not thought that I am absolutely correct because it is "Fact" in my "Sake area N" and "Correctness" in me. However, it was felt that it was not known because the appearance that "People's drinkers" that I touched it was surprised at "Usually" and is pleased for me was seen, and it was said that such "World" was complete.


I feel a strong sense of crisis and loneliness in "Far existence" sake for "People's drinkers" more than the time of "Sake Renaissance" now. "Run through" and "With museum" are done ..the predecessors' efforts the way things are going..-----I cannot help being felt strongly so by the sense of the skin because it is in one consumer's standpoint now.

Amazing taste and aroma

Is "Industry" the whole [endoyu]?[Za]?The face in [tsuiyasha] of ..drinking.. [ke] too much is extremely felt in "Hebetude" by me about this respect because it is not for the ear. "Story of sake" that flits on the net notices in "People's drinkers" as if the story of "Head of a school and originator" of the ability and the trick, and it is caught and neither a part of warehouse nor the local sake specialty store seem to notice keeping away from sake more.


Sake is "Tradition art" that enters a familiar, daily "It is interesting and happy" refrigerator and "Culture. "I think that sake is the one beside "People" with "Value" for the first time.

Let's taste it

To our regret, it is ..necessity of "The second sake Renaissance".. [de]. "Building" built based on the "Blueprint" becomes antiquated and the trouble has come out though there is no "Philosophy" of Shima and the line of ..earliness.. [**] when still becoming antiquated. The consumer participates from the beginning in the addition of the question and the answer "For whom is sake one?" to "Philosophy" of Shima and the line of ..earliness.. [**], and I am felt that I should build "New building" before "Building" collapses strongly.


..".. salary of "Sake area N" can do by me today for that though can do nothing but expanded?An immediate expansion has already reached critical limit in man's volunteer work "There is only an indirect expansion if it is possible to do. Therefore, "Sake area N" that existed in "/pole" began to be written the story on the net. [Naiha] [watashi] do not decide correctly and correctly but it good, is bad, and [endoyu] though in this blog, there might be "Criticism", too, if the person of "Industry" sees?[Za]?It drinks and [ke] [tsuiyasha] might decide it. I wrote this as one "Material" of the judgment.

Japan Earthquake and Sake

Am I [endoyu] felt a lot of "Sake is interesting and happy" even by oneself?[Za]?It aspires the drinking increasing of [ke] [tsuiyasha]. When "World of sake" is lost just like natural environment, it is not possible to return it. To our regret, is if it wants to drink delicious dish [i] sake, it [endoyu] in a similar environmental protection?[Za]?If the [gasono] cost is paid and not supported, it is an age that cannot be drunk.


The above-mentioned is the last part of "It is a start of a long blog" written in August, 2005. -2 ..return.. thinks "It is long" of crane's friend to be .."Hibernation".. iodination in original "Lazy person" by making it to the finis slowly because it became it.  It wants to write again when it is diligent feelings and it exists when waking up from "Hibernation", and it becomes -3 about crane's friend or it becomes 〆 [hatsuru] for following or though it doesn't know though it doesn't understand whether to become a Daikoku positive denomination to walk on a new road about [**] right starting with the severe wound of [ka] or ..introducing itself.. earthquake for following-------。


Crane's friend was succeeded from the Kazama sake brewer, and a young Higuchi sake brewer passed several years making similarly young "Companion" and crane's friends. Having moved from the Ito brewing given up one's with the Higuchi sake brewer younger resides in the warehouse through year, Higuchi sake brewer's companion joins from "Oze" at the time of training, and three people join as "Warehouse person". Crane's present friend is being made by people to whom four people in five people are related in some shape of "Nature conservation of Oze" in the first half in the average age in his/her thirties. Younger moving from the Ito brewing and "Warehouse person who came from Oze" are extremely ardent to the sake making. The Higuchi sake brewer also is the first class skill people of the qualification of Niigata original Prefecture two people in five inclusion people, the second class skill person two people in three people from Oze, and is aiming at the second class skill person also by one young man of the remainder. The friend of the crane that unites the several decades team, is supported by experienced craftsman's technique, and has made tries to dig the part of which it took charge after all members alternatively take charge of each part of the sake making for one year, and it knows the whole image of the sake making down deeply. -----It is supported by the team work in a new age now and crane's friend is made.

Why Rice wine?

I feel deep "Edge" in people's who are related to the protection of the nature of Oze making the friend of the crane that doesn't have two another degrees and appearance when disappearing just like the nature of Oze importantly.


"Retirement" was felt "Super-aged warehouse person group" that the Kazama sake brewer also included is done together as for the [hikinao] Ichiro sake brewery when retired four years ago also by me. "Size of the load on both sides of discretion" of keeping making crane's friend was assumed to be one between knowers and it was in "Cannot help understanding" frame of mind ..gutter tree president's feelings.. me. My being able to do when it actually faced the situation only kept standing , saying that "Blank surprise" though it was "It had been understood that the day came in the head at one time" accumulation. The reason for "Loss feeling" felt when it faces "Fact" of losing crane's friend is that it was at all not imaginable large. For me to able to do was only to have asked the [hiki] president for the continuing while holding the shame barrel trowing. Having felt the size of "Only, did not stop in the loss of "One of the local sake" of Niigata City" influence with the whole body by the pain did not allow me to retreat barely and it supported it.


Consequently, when the retirement of the [hikinao] Ichiro sake brewery knew "Postponed ahead", I fully became it at the same time as becoming reviving feelings by feelings that apologized. I who was not able to do cannot be a useful contribution for anything did asking that forces "Size of the load on both sides of discretion" further because of remaining for a fact in me though it is not because "Continue" was decided because I asked of course.  "I should also depress it as much as possible. "----Such feelings seem to have appeared clearly in me since that time.


The fan of the sake of the people who make melon "[Ginkamo] association" a center exists when having mentioned it above in my environment. Sake is known "Group" that they learn 〆 [hatsuru] and eight Miyama for 30 years though it knows neither merits nor reasonThe center of crane's friend's fan was this group. It is welcome people because they are "Professional" in the meaning with how to enjoy himself over sake and the dish, and it knows the value of crane's friend well who can correspond by "Natural style" for me that I am not so and am not lacked to "Spokesman" as for "Discourse" necessity. However, a great expansion is not thought by such a group alone. -----Because "[Ginkamo] association" is "..leaving.. unpalatable ..coming of [rumono] [o] [wazu].. ..[shakoba]... "I launched out into the expansion of crane's friend's fan exceeding the range of this "It was comfortable" and "[Ginkamo] association".


"Welcome" seems to have been done more than I expected it though it was "Work" that required "Time and labor" as such. However, my own because of there is a profession "Physical limit" has restricted the expansion of crane's friend's fan. The limit of an immediate "Sake area N" expansion has been seen. Only as for doing "Active service return" to the liquor store that can be done full-time, the method has been left any longer if it expands any further. However, it is to be stopped from the [hikinao] Ichiro sake brewery strongly and not to be able to do easily.

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